1 Westbrook : Peanut Butter Shake IPA Mt. Pleasant : SC 7.0 IPA
  Hazy milkshake IPA with peanut butter, lactose, and vanilla.
2 Beacon : Fuller's Earth LaGrange : GA 5.6 Saison
  An approachable saison that is light across the board, from its golden straw color to the gentle ester aromas. The essence of orange peel, lemongrass, and ginger come through a finely carbonated, light bodied beer for a soft and dry mouthfeel.
3 Highland Brewing : Highland Pilsner Asheville : NC 5.5 Pilsner
  A finely nuanced pilsner featuring German Hallertau Blanc hops and three other Hallertau region varietals. Saphir, Perle, and Hersbrucker hops add notes of stone fruit, pepper, and lush grass to the German pilsner malt body. Cold fermented with lager yeast for a crisp, dry finish.
4 Omaha : Gator in the Garden Omaha : GA 9.2 Tripel
  Belgian-style triple ale brewed with Omaha-grown Muscadines.
5 Almanac : Cranberry Orange (1/2 Pour) Alameda : California 4.3 Berliner Weisse
  Sour wheat ale aged in oak barrels with cranberries, oranges, and spices
6 Boulevard : Hibiscus Gose Kansas City : MO 4.2 Gose
  A great introductory sour beer, Hibiscus Gose receives coriander and sea salt during boiling, then we steep dried hibiscus flowers at the end to create a vibrant pink hue (really, though, it’s pink!).
7 North Coast : Passion Fruit-Peach Berliner fort bragg : California 4.1 Berliner Weisse
  North Coast Brewing’s Passion Fruit-Peach Berliner Weisse is made with the juice of peaches from California and passion fruit from Ecuador, a Pan-American take on the German classic.
8 D9 : Pinch of Salt - Salted Caramel Cornelius : NC 4.5 Gose
  Never to be anchored by trends, we’ve thrown convention to the breeze by pairing the natural tartness and salinity of the gose with delectable caramel sweetness. Take a trip on your palate with this enchanting seasonal offering.
9 Monday Night : I'm On A Boat Atlanta : GA 4.8 Golden Ale
  I’m On A Boat is an easy drinking golden ale that’s enjoyable floating on the water, or hanging on shore. A low ABV crusher, I’m On A Boat is brewed with Pilsner malt and wheat for a crisp and clean drinking experience.
10 Etowah : Ebullient Winter (1/2 pour) Dahlonega : GA 6.5 Mead
  Collaboration with Reformation Brewing, this mead is flavored with honey, figs, gallberry, and Belgium candi sugar
11 Wild Heaven : EDB- Watermelon Decatur : Georgia 4.0 Pilsner
  Our most popular beer, Emergency Drinking Beer plus fresh juiced watermelons. The perfect crisp summer beer.
12 Six Bridges : Sour Continuum Pink Guava Johns Creek : GA 4.3 Sour Ale
  The first in a series of kettle-soured Berliners, this tart ale is made with plenty of wheat and just a touch of Huell Melon hops to spruce it up. We then threw in a healthy dose of pink guava for a big, fruity punch.
13 Omaha : Island Rain Omaha : GA 4.0
  Coconut Lime Hard Sparkling Water Gluten Free, No Sugar, No Carbs, 79 calories per 12oz.
14 Terrapin : Watermelon Gose Athens : GA 4.5 Gose
  Inspired by salted watermelon, a summer treat, Terrapin Beer Co. set out to brew a gose perfect for summer sipping. The beer has a watermelon aroma, a distinct lactic tartness and subtle watermelon flavor.
15 Firewater Brewing : Hop Chief Kennesaw : Georgia 7.5 IPA
  Hop Chief is an IPA that is the Chief of hops with bursting citrus notes and a slight bitterness that will leave you calling it Chief!
16 Creature Comforts : Tropicalia Athens : Georgia 6.5 IPA
  A balanced, soft, and juicy IPA. Ripe passion fruit and citrus hop aroma lead to a full, fruit-forward hop flavor that washes over the palate, ending with subtle bitterness.
17 Coastal Empire : Coco Piña Gose Savannah : GA 4.0 Gose
  This delicious offering is brewed with pineapple, coconut, sea salt, and Himalayan Pink Salt. Smooth taste of toasted coconut cream with a hint of pineapple and a salty finish.
18 Victory : Sour Monkey Downingtown : PA 9.5 Sour Ale
  This is Sour Monkey and yes it is a sour Brettanomyces fermented version of Victory’s classic Golden Monkey.
19 Cigar City : Jai Alai Tampa : Florida 7.5 IPA
  Pours copper in color with notes of citrus and tropical fruit in the aroma. Flavor has upfront citrus bitterness with a hint of caramel and citrus and tropical fruit hop notes in the finish.
20 Founders : Green Zebra Grand Rapids : MI 4.6 Gose
  Subtly sour and a little sweet, this ale is a refreshing take on a nearly extinct German style, gose. Watermelon is the highlight of this lightly-hopped treat and gives it a hint of satisfying juiciness. The soft mouthfeel and dry finish comes courtesy of the addition of sea salt, a traditional gose ingredient.
21 Oskar Blues : Guns 'n Rose Longmont : CO 6.0 Fruit Ale
  Guns 'N' Rosé is a crisp rosé-style ale brewed with prickly pear and hibiscus
22 Highland Brewing : Cold Mountain Winter Asheville : NC 5.2 Christmas Ale
  It is typically malty in body, lightly hopped, and rounded out with a delicious mix of spices that vary from year to year.
23 Pretoria Fields : Field of Opportunity Albany : GA 4.0 Saison
  Pretoria Fields brought Piedmont Brewing Company raw wheat and bucket fulls of blackberries. It only seemed fitting to brew a farmhouse beer. Pilsner and wheat malt melds perfectly with the tartness of the blackberries and fruity/spicy saison yeast.
24 Lazy Dog : Summer Honey Lager Rochester : New York 4.5 Lager
  Nothing unusual with this beer, just a good old fashion American Lager with just a hint of honey.
25 Cherry Street : Lithuanian Farmhouse Cumming : Ga 6.0 Sour Ale
  This light Farmhouse style ale is a mixed fermentation with lactobacillus and Lithuanian Jovaru Yeast. It fermented warm, around 90F together, and then heavily dry hopped with Azacca hops. Expect a slightly funky and tropical fruity flavor with a pleasant tartness and dry finish. 
26 Cherry Street : Flander's Red Cognac BA Cumming : Ga 6.0 Sour Ale
  Modeled after the Traditional Flander's Red Sours of Belgium, we fermented and aged this beer in a Courvoisier Cognac Barrel for nearly 2 years. Then, it was transferred and aged in kegs for an additional 8 months to develop a nice natural carbonation. During this time, the flavors of ripe cherry pie came through to balance out the funky and slightly acetic character. 
27 Cherry Street : Grateful Frenchman Cumming : Ga 6.2 IPA
  We took our Dirty Frenchman Saison malt bill, added our West LA IPA hops, and fermented it with French Saison Yeast & Brettanomyces Brux Trois, a wild yeast, resulting in a truly unique brew. Expect ripe pineapple and tropical fruit flavors from the Mosaic hops, mixed with a little farmhouse funk. 
28 Cherry Street : Cherry Limeade Cumming : Ga 4.0 Berliner Weisse
  Tart German Wheat Ale infused with Tart and Sweet Cherries and Key Lime Juice.
29 Cherry Street : Foudre Beer #1 Cumming : Ga 7.0 Sour Ale
  We are excited to release our very first aged beer in our only foudre (which means large oak tank). This tank is a mix of New Hungarian and Slovenian Oak. We aged a Golden Ale with multiple types of Brettanomyces for over 6 months. This is a very light Farmhouse style ale with hints of lemon, lemon verbena, and floral characters with a slight minerality in the mouthfeel and pleasant carbonation.
30 Monday Night Brewing : Practice What You Peach (1/2) Atlanta : GA 6.1 Sour Ale
  Practice What You Peach is a French oak foeder fermented and aged American sour ale with fresh peaches and tangerines. It’s tart, delectable and refreshing for the summer months.
31 New Realm : Lemon Pucker Atlanta : GA 3.8 Sour Ale
  Think a tall glass of lemonade, but without the sugar or the roadside stand. Lightly tart and refreshing, this Berliner Weisse is complemented by lemon peels and a dry hopping of Lemon-drop hops.
32 Orpheus : A Light Threatens (1/2) Atlanta : GA 13.7 Sour Ale
  Blend of whiskey, barrel-aged barleywine, and stout.
33 Orpheus : Stouts all the way (1/2) Atlanta : GA 12.4 Sour Ale
  Whiskey barrel-aged imperial stout with strawberry, vanilla, and cocoa nibs
34 Orpheus : Searching for Flowers (1/2) Atlanta : GA 7.0 Sour Ale
  Wild ale with white grape and second use raspberries and cherries
35 Orpheus : Temporal Mayhem (1/2) Atlanta : GA 5.0 Sour Ale
  Wild ale aged 30 months in sauternes and white wine barrels
36 Jailhouse : Zoo Zoos and Wham Whams Hampton : Georgia 5.0 Berliner Weisse
  We all sat down and discussed brewing a sour version of slammer and decided to make it happen. Technically this would be a Berliner Weiss when all said and done. We added cherry and pomegranate and the result was a really delicious and very drinkable beer.
37 Duck Rabbit : Hoppy Bunny Farmville : NC 7.3 Brown Ale
  The Duck-Rabbit Hoppy Bunny American Black Ale is both intensely hoppy and intensely BLACK! Eight separate hop additions offer delicious bitterness and beguiling hop aroma/flavor.
38 Bells : Oberon Kalamazoo : MI 5.8 Wheat Ale
  Oberon is an american wheat ale fermented with our signature house ale yeast, mixing a spicy hop character with mildly fruity aromas.
39 Trimtab : Mango Colada Birmingham : AL 8.0 Sour Ale
  Imperial Sour Ale crafted with mango, coconut, and lime.
40 North Coast : Old Rasputin Nitro Fort Bragg : CA 9.0 Imperial Stout
  A rich, intense brew with big complex flavors and a warming finish.
41 Beacon : Hybeaches LaGrange : GA 3.5 Berliner Weisse
  Kettle soured Berliner Weisse with hibiscus, pineapple and cranberry.
42 Three Taverns : Saporous Decatur : GA 7.5 Sour Ale
  One of the most popular beers to emerge from our Sour Asylum Series, Saporous is a passion fruit, guava, and lactose sour ale. Bursting with fruit flavors with a smooth and creamy mouthfeel.
43 21st Amendment : Sparkale San Francisco : CA 5.5 Fruit Ale
  Like a sparkler crackling against the sky at dusk, our sparkling rosé ale is a refreshing pop of fruit and fizz with tart flavors and a crisp finish. Crafted with apple, cranberry, peach and cherries, this ale is a reminder of life’s simple pleasures
44 Reformation : 500 (1/2 pints) Woodstock : GA 10.1 Quadrupel
  Celebrating 500 years of the Protestant Reformation, this strong Belgian Ale boasts a warm caramel finish, with subtle notes of raisin and hints of chamomile.
45 D9 : Brewer's Day Off Cornelius : NC 4.8 Gose
  Introducing Brewer’s Day Off, a refreshing cucumber and melon Gose. With the cool crisp taste of cucumber and the sweet mellow splash of melon, this easy drinking Gose with help ease you into a well-deserved relaxation. Go ahead and crack one open. You’ve earned it.
46 Sierra Nevada : Oktoberfest Chico : CA 6.0 Marzen
  Our collaboration Oktoberfest with Bitburger, using their Siegelhopfen, meaning “sealed hops,” which complement the malt backbone. What’s more, this brew uses Bitburger’s custom yeast, another house ingredient gifted for the first time ever.
47 Pontoon : Crushing Waves Atlanta : Georgia 5.1 Berliner Weisse
  This German style tart ale has 700lbs of fresh pineapple and tart cherry puree. Kettle soured with lactobacillus, this tart beer embodies the perfect dessert inspired sour. The pineapple and tart cherries are added during the secondary fermentation to create a juicy, yet tart, sour beer that is bursting with flavor.
48 Pretoria Fields : Farmhouse Berry Gose Albany : GA 4.5 Gose
  At the end of the vigorous fermentation of our Gose, we add over 300 lbs of our organic farm-grown berries. The fruit, picked when ripe in the summer time, includes strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. Enjoy a sip of Southern summer.
49 Dogfish Head : SuperEIGHT Milton : DE 5.3 Gose
  This sessionable super gose is brewed with eight heroic ingredients: prickly pear, mango, boysenberry, blackberry, raspberry, elderberry, kiwi juices, toasted quinoa and an ample addition of red Hawaiian sea salt! Okay, so technically that's nine, but it 'gose' without say that there's going to be salt.
50 Allagash : White Portland : ME 5.0 Witbier
  Our interpretation of a traditional Belgian wheat beer. Brewed with a generous portion of wheat and spiced with coriander and Curacao orange peel, this beer is fruity, refreshing and slightly cloudy in appearance.
51 Lagunitas : Brett Stout Petaluma : CA 11.3 Stout
  The Brett has taken over and turned the rich chocolate notes into something tart and delicious. It's a stout that's not a stout. It tricks you and will surprise you with each sip.
52 Ommegang : Nirvana IPA Cooperstown : NY 6.5 IPA
  Nirvana IPA is kettle-hopped with Bravo, Simcoe, Centennial, Topaz, and Mosaic, dry-hopped with Centennial, Citra, Simcoe and Amarillo and clocks in at 6.5% ABV and 60 IBUs. The flavor is hoppy, juicy and citrusy goodness – without harsh bitterness.
53 Orpheus : Atalanta Atlanta : Georgia 5.3 Saison
  Piquant, deceptively robust, and a bit wild. A tart plum saison, Atalanta tastes of plums intermingling with spicy yeast, with a refreshing tartness.
54 Sierra Nevada : Sierraveza Chico : CA 5.0 Lager
  Sierraveza is golden and crisp, with a balanced malt flavor and a hit of floral hops that will have you calling out for another round.
55 Omaha : Chattahoochee Kool-Aid Omaha : GA 4.4 Berliner Weisse
  Sour ale brewed with Strawberry-Kiwi flavors.
56 Creature Comforts : Tritonia Athens : Ga 4.5 Gose
  With a touch of coriander and sea salt, you can say this beer was Triton-born. We made a Gose and we're calling it Tritonia. This limited release offering was made with Cucumber and Lime.
57 Pontoon : Combustable Pineapple Atlanta : Georgia 7.5 IPA
  A double dry hopped, hazy Milkshake New England Style IPA brewed with 3Lbs/ Barrel of hops, plus vanilla, lactose, and 500 pounds of fresh pineapple puree.
58 Dalton Brewing : Hazelnut Coffee Porter Dalton : GA 5.2 Porter
  A porter made with cold brew coffee and hazelnut.
59 Doc's Hard Cider : Dry Hopped Cider Warwick : NY 5.5 Cider
  This unique cider is dry hopped with Centennial and Chinook hops, adding a citrus and floral hop character to a traditional cider. This is an ideal cider for beer drinkers trying something new.
60 California Cider : Ace Space Sebastopol : CA 6.9 Cider
  Pure, unfiltered blood orange puree gives a beautiful orange hue and tart citrus finish.
61 Atlanta Hard Cider : Pomegranate Cider Atlanta : Ga 5.8 Cider
  Slightly tart, slightly sweet. This tangy cider is the best of both worlds; sweet and tart with a smooth pomegranate finish
62 Monday Night : Drafty Kilt Nitro! Atlanta : Georgia 7.2 Scottish Ale
  A roasty scotch ale with a hint of smoke. Mildly full-bodied, smoky, and sweet.
63 Monday Night : Slushee Fund Atlanta : GA 5.0 Gose
  This gose (pronounce goze-uh) is a tart and sweet mix of cherries and fresh lime zest. With a touch of sea salt for authenticity and balance (trust us on this one).
64 Duck Rabbit : Milk Stout Farmville : NC 5.8 Stout
  A traditional full-bodied stout brewed with lactose. The subtle sweetness and fullness of flavor imparted by this sugar balances the sharpness of the highly roasted grains that give this delicious beer its black color.