1 Southbound : Desert Dawn Savannah : GA 5.3 Saison
  Seeing is believing when it comes to this bright and juicy brew. Desert Dawn is loaded with tart wild berry, dark fruit flavors, and spice that are just as vibrant as the color of the beer itself. This thirst quenching, light bodied treat will have you smelling the scent of elderberries while dancing on the wind.
2 Maine Beer Company : MO (1/2 pint only) Freeport : ME 6.0 Pale Ale
  Our first run at an American Pale Ale. Flavors and aromas of zesty citrus, passionfruit, and pine present themselves throughout. A very subtle malt sweetness for balance, but this is intended to finish dry.
3 Omaha Brewing : Juicy Mango HAB Omaha : GA 6.0 IPA
  This brew has a bit of heat, with added habanero, but dont' be frightened! This IPA is balanced with the sweet flavors of mango.
4 Allagash : Avance (1/2 pour only) Portland : Maine 9.7 Sour Ale
  Avance is a strong, sour ale with aromas of strawberry preserves and toasted oak. Berries and more oak continue in the floavor, which concludes with a warm, sweet finish
5 Reformation : BA Cadence (1/2 Pints Only) Woodstock : Ga 7.8 Dubbel
  An everyday lovingly aged in Pinot Noir Barrels for nine months, this limited release variant of Cadence is a gift from our heart to yours.
6 Victory : Kirsch Gose Downington : PA 4.7 Gose
  A bold and bright step outside the norm, the flavors of a unique, old world German brewing process excite your senses with the sharp and sweet burst of fresh cherries. Effervescent and sublime, this session ale has an enticing cherry-fruit character. European tradition and American ingenuity come together in the truest sense as you Taste Victory in Kirsch Gose.
7 D9 : Whiskers on Kittens Cornelius : NC 5.5 Sour Ale
  Blonde sour ale brewed with rose petals.
8 Omaha : Strawberry Milkshake IPA Pmaha : GA 6.0 IPA
  A hazy IPA brewed with Lactose and Strawberries.
9 Creature Comforts : Automatic Pale Ale Athens : GA 5.0 Pale Ale
  Inspired by the love for Tropicália, this brew is a sessionable pale ale with a prominent hop flavor and aroma. By dialing back the malts, the flavors of the Motueka, Mosaic, and Citra hops shine through that give it a minty, pineapple aroma, and a clean melon flavor profile.
10 Akademia : Hunker down Brown Ale Athens : Ga 5.0 Brown Ale
  The Georgia Bulldogs made it to the National Championship in 2018, and we saw no better way to celebrate than with a commemorative beer release in their honor. Six different specialty malts combined with a generous portion of flaked oats give this brown ale a rich, silky mouthfeel and a robust malt body. Honey malt adds just enough sweetness to keep this beer perfectly balanced.
11 Founders : Barrel Runner (1/2 pint only) Grand Rapids : MI 11.1 DIPA
  Inspiration for our barrel-aged beers can come from the most unexpected places and our latest release is proof of that. Sweet and hoppy, rich and bright – this rum barrel-aged imperial IPA brewed with Mosaic hops will make you believe you’re in the tropics.
12 Boulevard : Hibiscus Gose Kansas City : MO 4.2 Gose
  A great introductory sour beer, Hibiscus Gose receives coriander and sea salt during boiling, then we steep dried hibiscus flowers at the end to create a vibrant pink hue (really, though, it’s pink!).
13 Westbrook Brewing Co. : Rinse/Repeat Mosaic Mt. Pleasant : SC 7.0 IPA
  Mosaic hops give this beer a light, citrus, juicy finish that is balanced with a slight bitterness.
14 Dogfish Head : Punkin Milton : DE 7.0 Pumpkin Ale
  A full-bodied brown ale with smooth hints of pumpkin and brown sugar. We brew our Punkin Ale with pumpkin meat, brown sugar and spices. As the season cools, this is the perfect beer to warm up with
15 Cannon Brewpub : Southern Day Dream Columbus : GA 4.6 Berliner Weisse
  Muscadine Berliner Weisse. Sweet but tart beverage that the south can appreciate.
16 Creature Comforts : Tropicalia (Pints Only) Athens : Georgia 6.5 IPA
  A balanced, soft, and juicy IPA.
17 Southern Sky : Grixis Kennesaw : GA 4.5 Berliner Weisse
  Berliner Weisse kettle brewed with blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries.
18 Oskar Blues : Death by Coconut (Beer Club Only) Longmont : CO 6.5 Porter
  Intense fresh cacao flavors swirl with popping coconut aromas, all supported by a semi-sweet porter made from loads of dark chocolate and extra dark caramel malt. This limited release specialty comes around once a year to satisfy that sweet tooth, so get 'em while you can before they disappear.
19 Anderson Valley : Chai Solstice Booneville : CA 6.9 Amber Ale
  Chai solstice is a new take on fall beers, straying away from pumpkin yet still using spices and vanilla to brighten up this seasonal classic.
20 Southern Tier : Rum Pumking (1/2 pint only) Lakewood : NY 13.6 Pumpkin Ale
  Pour Pumking into a goblet and allow it’s alluring spirit to overflow. As spicy aromas present themselves, let it’s deep copper color entrance you as your journey into this mystical brew has just begun. As the first drops touch your tongue a magical spell will bewitch your taste buds making it difficult to escape the Pumking. Take all of its glory and add the sweet and spiceful tinge of rum for a barrel-aged take on the classic.
21 Second Self : Havanna Night Atlanta : Georgia 4.6 Berliner Weisse
  This tropical inspired berliner-weisse is fermented with fresh pink guava puree for a sour, yet refreshing, citrus finish with a pink hue.
22 Anderson Valley : Framboise Rose Gose Boonville : California 4.2 Gose
  By adding rose hips to the boil and fresh raspberry puree at the end of fermentation, this kettle-soured beer is a mélange of flavors and aromas. With a light ruby hue, subtle raspberry fruit notes greet the nose and fall soft on the palate; tangy, hibiscus-like flavors mingle with the salty tartness of gose to create a uniquely complex and refreshing drinking experience.
23 Wyndridge Farm : Tropical Berliner Weiss Dallastown : PA 5.5 Berliner Weisse
  Tart and refreshing, this wheat beer is loaded with real tropical fruit. The beer was naturally soured then aged with real Mango, Payaya, and Guava puree.
24 Lazy Dog : Summer Honey Lager Rochester : New York 4.5 Lager
  Nothing unusual with this beer, just a good old fashion American Lager with just a hint of honey.
25 Blue Pants Brewery : Dry Hopped Sour Madison : AL 5.5 Sour Ale
  Dry hopped kettle sour from our friends in Madison, AL!
26 Red Brick : Hype Whale Atlanta : GA 10.0 Imperial Stout
  Dark chocolate and espresso beans with a distinct Bourbon oak character achieved by aging the beer on chipped Bourbon barrels.
27 Founders : Triago Grand Rapids : Michigan 7.0 Lager
  Trigo is a 6.3 percent ABV “pale wheat lager” brewed with American hops that is a collaboration with Spain-based Mahou San Miguel.
28 Reformation : Jogr Woodstock : Georgia 4.9 Lager
  Amarillo & Citra dry hopped, this pale lager has a drool inducing juicy hop character with notes of orange, melon, and grapefruit.
29 Arches : Festbier Hapeville : GA 6.3 Marzen
  A subtle yet complex beer for the discerning palate.
30 Creature Comforts : Athena Paradiso Athens : Georgia 4.5 Berliner Weisse
  This berliner-weisse bursts with citrus and tropical notes from the passion fruit while the guava adds just the right amount of sweetness. The result is a balanced and beautiful offering.
31 Monday Night : Drafty Kilt Atlanta : Georgia 7.2 Scottish Ale
  A roasty scotch ale with a hint of smoke. Full-bodied, but not overpowering. Smokey, but not in a creepy bar kind of way. Sweet, but not obnoxiously so. Sound like your ideal mother-in-law? Fair enough, but it also is a pretty dead-on description of our Scotch Ale. In a difficult hop-growing climate, Scottish brewers relied on other ingredients to impart flavor and bitterness – one such ingredient was smoked malt. Drafty Kilt is a dark, malty bombshell of a beer.
32 Ocmulgee Brewpub : Gameplay SMASH Macon : GA 6.2 IPA
  This single malt and single hop beer is a balanced, juicy IPA with fruity aromas and delicious hop flavor. Make sure to pick up a pint!
33 Crooked Stave : IPA Denver : Colorado 6.0 IPA
  Built to showcase hop aroma and flavor, this juicy unfiltered American IPA is all about the hops. Dominated by citrus and tropical flavors from Amarillo, Azacca, Mosaic, and Motueka hops, this IPA remains smooth and easy drinking making it a great beer for everyday.
34 New Realm : Hefeweizen Atlanta : GA 4.8 Hefeweizen
  Incredibly thirst-quenching, this low-abv beauty goes down just right. Pours hazy gold with a thick head of foam. Lots of banana esters followed by light clove notes. Malty and bready in the taste with a lingering banana and clove yeast character.
35 Akademia : Hoprodisiac Athens : GA 7.8 DIPA
  When Hoprodite isn’t enough, step up to its big sister, Hoprodisiac. She’s a DIPA dry-hopped with 6.2 pounds per barrel of Citra and Mosaic. Bursting with orange, grapefruit, pineapple and papaya flavors, this beer is bound to please the lovers of all things juicy.
36 Highland Brewing : Clawhammer Asheville : NC 5.0 Marzen
  Clawhammer Oktoberfest is a lightly colored, but toasty, rich and full-bodied Marzen style lager, brewed with traditional German malt and the finest noble hops. A spicy hop finish and aroma balance out the abundance of malt flavor.
37 Victory : Festbier Downingtown : PA 5.6 Marzen
  Painstakingly crafted from German malts, decoction brewed for full flavor and carefully aged for depth of character. Gather with your friends for a festive moment of Victory!
38 Reformation : 95 - Munich Dunkel Woodstock : Georgia 4.7 Dunkel
  A Munich Dunkel by style, 95 is a low alcohol, easy drinking dark German lager with a toasty, bread-like aroma and smooth dry finish.
39 Service : Teufel Hunden Savannah : Georgia 5.4 Marzen
  A traditional Oktoberfest-style Marzen lager, unfiltered with a deep copper hue, a toasted malt aroma and a clean, dry finish.
40 North Coast : Old Rasputin Nitro Fort Bragg : CA 9.0 Imperial Stout
  A rich, intense brew with big complex flavors and a warming finish.
41 Heavy Seas : Treasurefest Baltimore : Maryland 6.0 Marzen
  Prost! Brewed in the Oktoberfest style, Treasure Fest is an American spin on the classic German style. Brewed with imported German malt and lavishly hopped with a blend of German hops in the kettle and dry hopped with American hops.
42 Omaha : Dortmunder Pils Omaha : Georgia 6.0 Pilsner
  Dortmunder style pilsner brewed right here in GA! Sharp hop bite up front with a nice malt finish on the back end
43 Omaha : Non-Typical Bock Omaha : GA 7.2
  A toasty and slightly malty high gravity lager.
44 Cigar City : Cubano Espresso Tampa : Florida 5.5 Brown Ale
  This rich brown ale is redolent with Cuban-style roasted espresso beans, sweet caramel and toffee and hints of dry nuttiness. Cuban Espresso is a popular drink in the Cigar City of Tampa owing to its many Sicilian and Cuban immigrants. The beans for Cubano-Style Espresso Brown Ale are roasted locally by Mazzaro's Italian Market and Deli in St. Petersburg to our exact specifications.
45 Terrapin : Moo-Hoo Athens : GA 6.0 Stout
  Chocolate Milk Stout proudly uses cocoa nibs and shells from Olive and Sinclair Chocolate Company to give this beer its great taste
46 Ayinger : Bavarian Pils Munich : Germany 5.3 Pilsner
  Ayinger Bavarian Pils is the flavor of a fruitful barley harvest, seasoned with noble hops: a brisk golden lager with snappy hop aroma and velvety-soft malt flavor, from locally-grown barley.
47 Weihenstephan : Festbier Freising : Germany 5.8 Lager
  A full rich bodied, hoppy, seasonal lager. Especially brewed for the Festbier season. This beer truly represents the Bavarian way of celebrating. Deep gold color, great mouthfeel and lots of flavor.
48 From The Earth Brewing Co : Rebirtha (1/2 pint only) Roswell : Georgia 7.8 Belgian Golden Ale
  A Belgium strong ale that certainly won't disappoint.
49 Omaha : 7.62 Omaha : GA 7.6 Brown Ale
  Begins with a smooth and creamy mouthfeel imparting nutty and toffee flavors on the tongue. Immediately following, a burst of coconut flavor.
50 Weihenstephan : Kristalweissbier Freising : Germany 5.4 Hefeweizen
  In our golden-yellow crystal-clear wheat beer the fresh citrus flavour harmonises very well with spicy banana notes.
51 Weihenstephan : Vitus Freising : Bavaria 7.7 Weizenbock
  Our light-coloured, spicy single-bock, “Vitus” is saturated with fine yeast and a creamy foam. It is a specialty with a round character based on the extra long storage time.
52 Paulaner : Hefe Weiss Munchen : Germany 5.5 Hefeweizen
  Specifically cultivated, top-fermented yeast give it its unmistakable character: sparklingly mild and fruity with a delicate yeast flavour
53 Paulaner : Black Forest Pils Munchen : Germany 4.8 Pilsner
  A special combination of the finest malts and Hallertau &Tettnang hops to achieve a crisp and refreshing character with a unique note of bitterness.
54 Bitburger Brauerei : Bitburger Bitburg : Germany 4.8 Pilsner
  A favorite overseas, Bitburger was celebrated as Germanys number one draught beer
55 Stone : Fear.Movie.Lions Escondido : CA 8.5 DIPA
  Juicy and smooth with just the right touch of West Coast bitterness in the finish. Fresh-squeezed fruit juice, strawberry, blueberry, grapes and a hint of white sage.
56 D9 : Carnaval Cornelius : NC 5.5 Gose
  Passionfruit Gose
57 D9 : Discord Cornelius : NC 5.5 Sour Ale
  Sour Ale brewed with concord grapes.
58 Red Brick : Hoplanta Atlanta : GA 6.2 IPA
  Hoppier than a frog in a buggy summer, our flagship American style India Pale Ale tips its cap to the lazy porch days and honey colored skies of a great Southern city. Kick back and enjoy the aroma of citrus with hints of native pine balanced by a distinctive Vienna malt backbone.
59 Mercier Orchards : Cold Day in Hops Blue Ridge : GA 6.7 Cider
  Hard apple cider infused with American hops, "hoppie" on the front and apple cider on the back with a dry finish
60 California Cider : Ace Pear Cider Sebastopol : CA 5.0 Cider
  Made from a base of 100% apple juice, pear essence is added to give the cider its distinctive pear taste; a crisp and refreshing taste that any cider drinker will love.
61 Urbantree : Classic Cider Atlanta : Georgia 6.5 Cider
  Composed to be refreshing and pleasant with bright apple notes, this delicious symphony inspired by Georgia’s sweet charm will make your senses sing. It’s best accompanied with a light meal or snack, dessert, or interesting conversation.
62 Anderson Valley : Cerveza Crema Nitro Boonville : CA 5.6 Cream Ale
  This copper colored ale is a silky, creamy dream. It’s malty, very mildly hopped, and lightly sweet, with a delicate hint of spice for that oh-so-drinkable, extra velvety flavor.
63 Brooklyn : Bel Air Brooklyn : NY 5.8 Sour Ale
  A breezy, tart, dry hopped sour ale
64 Akademia : Niobe's Tears Athens : Ga 4.8 Gose
  Niobe’s Tears has the core ingredients of a gose, featuring pink Himalayan sea salt, pale wheat and pilsner malts. It’s heavy on the salt and herbal characteristics, and is kettle soured for a lemony essence.